Being in the horticulture department, it’s always green on everything. Yes, we see greenery everywhere all around us and we think everything is green, always. 

Gardening is getting its due importance in the recent years, with many people cultivating it as a hobby. Be it a hobby or passion, we never mind, unless it keeps driving you to do good to yourself and the ecosystem that you live in.  

We strive to create and nurture the environment for learning purposes, gaining inspiration about plants and food, and enjoyment through excellence in this field.  

We have a public garden, with many modular greenhouses and gardens that invite people to love and nurture the species even at their homes or colleges or anywhere and everywhere. We promote the knowledge on the vital connections between humans and plants, fostering an appreciation of nature, the natural world that offers us so many things.  

We also promote environmental awareness in people and help them adapt to sustainable practices. We at this place provide this lasting feature of life, the experience of growing them for you, our basic needs is accessible to all, providing to all communities the information and knowledge about plants.  

We follow certain policies and principles: 

  • We follow good ventilation for the plants within the greenhouse. We follow passive ventilation eliminating high costs mechanical machines and also reducing electrical costs. When is green the theme, why to pollute the greenery with lots of equipment and energy? 
  • We use shade curtains in the greenhouse. By this, the heat is warded off and plants are grown in the healthier state.  
  • We use alternative energy options in all our plants like, Wind energy, Solar energy and Biomass energy. 
  • We have changed from traditional bulbs to fluorescent bulbs, going green in every possible way! 
  • We promote healthy eating habits by encouraging people to eat locally grown fresh produce, by making the commodities with the affordable range